Purpose of Healing

There seems to be such a taboo around “healing” when one mentions the word, it seems that some people tend to close up get offended and shriek into the idea that we are very down to earth(sober) and do not see the need for healing.

Well lets dive deeper in to the real meaning of ā€œHealingā€

There are various definitions according to Cambridge dictionary of the word “healing”:
1) It is the process of becoming well again, especially after a cut or other injury, or of making someone well again :
2) It is the process in which a bad situation or painful emotion ends or improves:

There is a very interesting article about healing from a scientific perspective which says that the meaning of healing is transcending suffering ā€œ
The Meaning Of Healing: Transcending Suffering | Annals of Family Medicine (

For others it remains an enigma however The definition of healing which arose from the concept analysis is Healing is an experiential, energy-requiring process in which space is created through a caring relationship in a process of expanding consciousness and results in a sense of wholeness, integration, balance and transformation and which can never be fully known.
Understanding healing: a conceptual analysis – Wendler – 1996 – Journal of Advanced Nursing – Wiley Online Library

Quite honestly transcending suffering is the main purpose of healing. Once one has been able to transcend suffering one can truly start to create a sense of heaven on earth. There is way more than the eyes can meet and by keeping on only on what one can see which is actually objective to ones mind set could lead one to stay blind to the true meaning of life itself.
What is your opinion on the subject of healing?



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