Meditation, what is it, and why should one practice it?

What is Meditation? why would you want to practice Meditation on a daily basis?. I know that for some it might seem like a waist of time for others like blah blah blah, for those who understand and practice meditation daily realize the power it holds and would want to enjoy practicing it as often as possible.
It is highly rejuvenating and calming, clarifying and inspiring It even has massive health benefits, we will talk about this at the end. And just by being in your Zone will be feeling as a complete being, completely accepted, loved, protected, cherished and connected just being at ease in a total state of, harmony!.
You could actually see meditation as a theatre where you could go to, but the difference is, that this is your own personal inner theater. This is where your symphony gets heard by you. That moment when your mind is finally at ease and is quiet, that your inner being finds its voice! It gets its moment to speak to you. What a bliss what a sound, how beautiful the harmony the love the connection the acceptance.
Why would one really want to ask take 10 minutes out of one’s day and just sit still and breath? I mean really? “why would I want to do that?”, that’s crazy the world is out there!
If you could consider that our mind is like a huge magnetic pool of water, absorbing and building up information and experiences, recording, instructing, following orders and too often we allow our mind to rule our existence.
When your mind, rules your existence it often times brings you back to the same experience that you already know. It repeats itself over and over and over again until you realize what your mind is doing to you.
You see your mind can only really provide information that it has accumulated along the way and somehow every experience with a strong emotion based adding an identity transforms into a 3D manifestation, to be able to get confirmation for your new held believe.
For example say you have heard once that “you are extremely dumb and will never be able to learn!” That is pretty harsh especially for a young child, that, just tried their very best to present the most beautiful work and at that moment the information hits them really hard and they take it as their truth. Not knowing the real truth, that the person who said it, actually feels that he or she have failed at being able to teach you the ropes, so in their inability or despair they pass the blame. Or
it could be that they too have just been scolded at, in the same way and that, had a huge impact on them. Probably, by scolding at you they are unconsciously making it their own truth by confirming their new believe out loud. And it just so happens, that you are there at that very moment experiencing as your own. This because of the force of their own affirmation it has taken root into your subconscious and somehow it has become your own new believe system.
Because the energy is so heavy it really sinks deep into your subconscious even into your very core your DNA and gets implanted into your memory system, your thoughts, emotions and heck even your entire body will adjust itself to its new rooted part believe system. And it now becomes the core of you are. From this very moment, unconsciously you draw every experience to you like a magnet, every experience in your life will be based on the confirmation for your believe system. You see for your mind, it is essential to identify with everything to be able to understand, rationalize, label and compartmentalize the information. When your mind has been identified with a believe system it becomes that system thus holding on to that as its own identity. Therefor it needs to attract more situations to it, in order to be able to confirm the incapability of actually being able to learn anything.
Our mind needs to hold on to its identity, this becoming a part of you therefore it will need to be confirmed and reconfirmed. Past, present and future will all be part of your current existence to protect and project your identity.
Again realize that these seeds can be planted at a very young age, even before one is born. As we are copies from our own parents with their DNA strings consisting of their past and their life experiences and our parents have received their copied cells from their parents and all this knowledge has been implanted into ones DNA. So if we let our ego(mind) and our mask(Body) or only these twee to take control of our lives, we in reality, have our past control our future and therefor our present, which actually means that we are running in Circles generation after generation.
We are all born to do our inner work and contribute something special and provide unique services for the higher good. Due to our conditioning we have learned that our focus should primarily be towards the exterior, learning logic instead of exploring, following orders instead of creating abiding to the rules instead of being. Deep down everyone knows what their tasks should be and follow their inner calling instead we place our focus towards the outer world and go in search for our fulfilling outside of us. While we have the universe within us.
The further you search outside of you for happiness, love, peace, harmony, acceptances, confirmation etc. the further you are from being either of these.
Once you realize that all of these are emotions and these are our own personal felt emotions, one experiences these all only from within. Another person may contribute to it. But essentially these are your emotions and with the right balance and training these emotions can be fully controlled at every given moment.
Why wait for someone else to pull your strings? When in reality you are the only one that should pu;; your strings. Again everything is up to you and every choice has its own consequence and every one has its own lifepath to follow thus follow your path but never pass the blame.
But honestly I know that no one really wants to live in despair and continue the rat race, unless that is truly where they want to be.
But if you are ready to let go and step out of the rat race by just sitting down and breath.
If you have had enough of your present created life filled with limitations and you really want to see how it has been contributing to your expansion of your souls journey just sit down and breath.
Let the dust fall and have a good look at where you are at.
Meditation will definitely be a wonderful valuable tool for you to use. It is the bridge between your life and you. By reconnecting with your higher self (inner child) and the infinite universe you will grant yourself to start experiencing true abundance. Realize that you are that limitless being the star that needs to shine to show the path, you are an extension of creation therefor you are creation.
When you look at the night sky you notices that not only does the moon shine but also the all other stars and planets. When there is one light shining bright more light will be shun! Let your inner light shine and do what you are made for and what you came to do, let the dramas go and stop the excuses.
Take the 10 minutes to reconnect with your inner damaged child hug that child love that inner child unconditionally and start together to reconstruct your life and live it according to your inner most wildest dreams. Follow your true calling without fear without confirmation needed from the world , just be! You will know how to achieve your dreams by accepting your life take the responsibility for it 10000% and go for the ride. You are in control, not your ego, not your mind, no You, your inner child your highest purest form of being yes you the extension of creation you are the creation.
When you start your inner journey you will discover a whole different truth, you will be able to connect to our Source and find all the answers that you need reconstruct your mind so that you are open to explore new ventures that opens up new opportunities thus feeding your mind with unexpected greatness, providing more of the unexpected wonders of life. You will able to experience your inner bliss, just knowing what to do! Your mind does the administration and your body the handy work and your soul gives the orders.
Once all three of you are in peace with the whole of you. Will you truly be able to let go of the past step out of the rat race and become the Enlighted Being who you are destined to be. your rewards will be immense however, one should not do it for the rewards. But for the true freedom, knowing that you can achieve anything and everything and that anything is possible and is a possibility to expanding even more possibilities you are thus a limitless being. Taking your body for a wonderful life experience.
Letting go of all, of all passed experiences opening up to who you really are, to use your full potentials to shift life according to your dreams. Is absolutely within your reach and it is your choice to see it and act or continue with your blindfold on and ask why?
You do however need to consider that there are 50 universal laws that one should never forget but once you are in the “zone” those 50 core universal laws becomes you and you are it! It will work to your favor and you will not break these rules as long as you are truly connected to our Source and all that is source. Because you know that if you do break any of these rules, that you will be a breaking off a piece of your construction and everything else can come tumbling down, bringing you back to your initial rat race.
Just remember that we are an extension of the creation therefor we are the creation. We may at any given moment of every given day, choose to be who we want to be and do what we do. What a power we have really! Only by looking at it. You can in reality actually shape life and often times not only yours but all those you around you.
Every choice has a consequence and every consequence will lead to more choices, the choice is always yours. No matter what the situation is! Only you can decide what is essentially good for your highest good. When you fully choose for your golden rule it will definitely break the chains to your past experiences thus changing the cycle for the next generations to come, it will also lead you on a different path, leading to exploring or if you choose to make the same choices your outcome will be, to stay on a familiar path. It all depends on how you have conditioned your brain or engineered your inner being , will in-turn provide more confirmation by drawing in the experiences needed to fulfill your inner beliefs. The choice is and forever will remain your privilege.
You can choose to continue the rat race and blame the world or become the master and create your world.
These are all your own choices, both takes equal amount of energy. The difference is when you are inspired you feel lighter and stronger your vibrations rise and you are free often followed by enlightenment. But when you choose to stay unconscious then you will mostly stay where you are at following the cycle of your current experience the past the future the future the present the past and again.
Just remember that it is always you and only you that can change. Make the choice and choose you, know that when you change your world around you changes accordingly, thus if you focus on changing the world the world becomes a mess(due to tiered perception loosing focuse the world iso so damn big and just too many people, lost energy etc.) but if you focus on changing you by becoming your true inner self everything you are changes accordingly.
Meditation is a very strong and underestimated tool that helps you immensely and should actually be part of your daily routine, again your choice😊 however it does help you on your path to enlightenment, it helps you find inner peace, love and harmony.
You might realize that everything is love and everything is in harmony there is abundance everywhere and that the universe is limitless, and as you are part of the universe, means that you too are limitless and abundant, love, and peace. Allowing you to experiencing a harmonious symphony of your created life that adds to whole.
You will realize that your chaos is the perfect preparation for your next steps ” go and build your house without bricks.” Thus as you go along the journey, needing the bricks to build your house with and these bricks are being provided by the situations, actions and so on, there is quite a lot of work to getting these bricks as you can imagine and often times you get stuck in the middle of your creation, still in the becoming of, but then smack bam in your face stuck and all you can see is chaos and notice all the missing pieces and wrong pieces thus thinking that this is not part of your creation and notice even more pieces missing and more fault and eventually you go into a frenzy. Leaving you paralyzed and all you keep on noticing are all the faults and missing pieces not realizing like hey.
But if you actually take notice what you have at hand exactly what you need to start building your foundations, Thanks to these wonderful experiences being good or bad they all taught you something that you can use for always so you thank the experiences let go and continue creating more bricks to build your house/ castle or empire everything you ask is given but realize what is given is often a blessing in disguise. So if want to know what is the blessing take a step back out of the picture, create some space between you and your creation you will see that you in reality have everything needed to achieve what it is that you have set out to do. That you in reality miss nothing and may continue to creating in becoming. All you need to do for this is….. be quiet listen look and see your answer and it is all within you.
You will be able to allow the process and let go of the control and become the control you will be all you want to be without chasing it as it is already within you. There is no need for chasing, you are transforming into the best version of you. Becoming that longing… You are in the advantage of becoming your own master and creating the life you truly dream to be, completely meant for you.
All you need to do is come home find your inner child, heal, have peace, accept and be open to see your truth and the endless opportunities that you already have and are comes to life and all you need to do is. Sit down and Breath
Let the dust settle and you will see your answers are right before you embrace the moments, embrace every moment, knowing that this is the only moment that truly exists here and now tomorrow will come and the past has been a grateful lesson. The process of knowing that you are on the right path always and at the right time, that you are protected you are loved accepted and appreciated. Nothing is set in stone and energy is in constant movement, so let go and enjoy your flow everything is possible for you. If you go against the flow you will be waisting a lot of your precious energies instead of enjoying you are fighting, filling up with more of what you are fighting against becoming that what you want least. Let it go and choose the moment which is right now and start enjoying the cruise
If you are fed up and you really do long for your dream life and things just seems impossible for you, especially if everything that you undertake, brings you right back to what you already know yet you do not. Than this will be a great way to making a change in your life for good.
One reason is that amidst all your dramas and dilemmas you have forgotten what your inner being longs for and have gotten lost in the expectations and the noise from outside. That eventually the noise has become so strong that you are unable to hear your personal needs.
The silence brings you forth and grants you your truth. You will definitely notice the difference between the inner voice and your head speaking and repeating affirmations that do not serve you. It is time for you to find your own truth and the only place where this truth can be found is within you. The more you search outside your body/ being the further you move from home the more you get lost or feel lost. The longer it takes for you to find your own bliss.
How can one start with this, I mean really come on one’s mind is actually never still nor does it ever rest and your mind ends up like a train it just goes on and goes on and goes on without ever stopping how can you get your mind to actually just shut up and just be quiet for a while.
It is really very much easier than you can imagine. When you just sit there facing the east, the direction that the sun comes up. And just focus purely on your breathing. It is good to know that your mind can only focus on one thing at a time, so keeping your focus with your breathing this will keep your mind active in one direction depending on your focus span the rest of the thoughts will stay abbey eventually they will try and take control again do not every dismiss them or neglect them rather great them and provide a place to for them to sit down and continue your focus you will notice that some thoughts will just turn around and leave the same way they came in without any issues and others will stay for the show however this is your time focus on your breathing.
As you inhale imagine how the air (cosmos) actually enters your body fills every cell with healthy new life and at the same time taking up all the negative energies from your cell and how it washes away all the unwanted and feel it exit your body. Keep this focus on your breath.
After some time of practicing you will notice that when you set the intention to meditate that your body will already react even before you have started. How amazing you can truly program every cell in your body for the best results and it all starts with you, what your intentions are and what you want to achieve. The more you practice this the easier it becomes and the higher you are possible to go all you need to do is practice. It will take a while though as with everything we need 31 days to make a habits a second nature only 31 days what does this represent in life time if you live up to 30 years than this is not even 1% of your life. There are very many different styles and forms of meditation it is always a nice trip for your self to find out what feels best for you again there are so very many ways of reaching heights of truths and going beyond the borders of reason. Go find what works for you sitting down and breathing is really a good start and it only take 10 minutes of your day to gain control over you thus your situation.
Studies have shown that it practicing meditation does have an immense impact on our entire body from cellular level all the way up.
Let’s talk a little about the health benefits that comes with meditation
• it improves you immune system
• lowers blood pressure
• it enhances the sense of wellbeing
• improve your overall humor.
• Heck it even helps improve sleep and lowers stress level and cholesterol.
• It improves you’re eating habits.
• You have more energy
• In some cases it has actually improved faulty DNA structures and healed chronical illnesses
These are but a number of benefits to meditating on a regular basis
• On energetic level it levels you up to heights one can only experience for oneself
• Your focus is up to point and you achieve miracles
• You are at peace and your life has taken a form of wellness about it
• You see the bigger picture and have healed
• You pull your own chains have gained control
However the discovery to who you really are and what you can do is all worth going for the exploration don’t you think?



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