Food, “nutrition” what is it really and why should we be conscious of what we consume?

We can all agree that food should be “nutritious” delicious, healthy and fulfill the basic needs, like your tummy feeling comfortably full and your tong dancing with delight. right! I mean come on. However, I have noticed that we do also have the tendencies to eat the same type of food over and over again, that at one point nothing else but the known set routine. Just because it feels good and with an emotional a sense of security right?
Having had very many conversations on the subject of food and nutrition, it was clear to me that food seems to be a kind of holy grail for most. I mean just talking about food changes the entire atmosphere, most people become extremely happy and fully excited talking about or just thinking about their favorite dish. The perfect icebreaker, really talking about passions like food and favorite dishes and such.

But if you look at your entire body consisting of 60 billion cells all running on different sources providing and serving various tasks one will never be able to obtain all you needed minerals like iron Sink magnesium calcium etc. and the entire spectrum of Vitamins that is needed for your body to function optimally, by eating the same products every day, is this possible?

This is the most detailed image of a human cell to date, obtained by X-ray, nuclear magnetic resonance and cryoelectronic microscopy.

Seeing that there are approx. 1097 different types of vegetables 2000 types of fruits 400,000 different types of herbs and spices not to mention fish, shell fish, meats, wild seeds, nuts etc. to all be discovered. All of these products are needed to ensure that you obtain, all that valuable vitamins minerals etc. from nature seeing that you are from nature. Can you imagine that it will be possible to get any one product that contains all of these in combinations in one. I am sure that it will not, (this could be a challenge call for those out there that would like to try) be entirely be possible to obtain of off the needed products in one. We do try by providing a multivitamin but still there for in combination it is definitely worthwhile going on an exploration journey.
Wow the amount of all the different types of vegetables etc. that we can get to know! What a variation there is, imagine that. Each product has its own unique quality taste texture that adds value to your whole, we consist of everything and therefor we need something of everything to keep us going. If we constantly eat the same products over and over again, day in day out, week in week out we literally freeze up and become rigid our cells will lack and it will adjust itself to the set routine. You will then become what you eat. The chances that you will encounter the same issues over and over again, and every time it will seem well heavier than the one before, you become rigid in movement and in thinking. You feel stuck in your life and probably end up closing yourself up and putting yourself in a personal jail feeling very sorry in one way or the other.

The only way to get rid of all our true rigidness is to start exploring food and becoming aware of what it does for our body, does it add value or does it rob you of your precious jewels?
We also need to consider what is really healthy and what is labeled to be healthy if one can just take the moment to find out the simple things about the day to day consumption and what it does. I am sure that it will save you a heck of an issue later down the line, I am eating healthy, I have always it eaten this and or whatever thing you can think of we use as excuse not to get out of our comfort zones almost afraid. Why and what do one have to lose by being honest to oneself and open to what life has got to offer. It might just add to your symphony.

The question is always when one says or proclaims a produced product to be “healthy”, always ask yourself who are they and what do they have to gain what do you really have to gain? What is in the product that makes it healthier than fresh vegetables? For example.

One quick small example, looking at our day to day consumption, lets take one that we could almost not be without namely sugar. O my word what an amazing product is sugar and if you are really creative you can make the most amazing things with the aid of sugar. I mean our brains are craving sugar well actually it craves sweetness as it gives of all kinds of hormones right it spikes our energy levels and we get a boost from it right. Sugar or other wise known as sucrose. Sucrose is practically incorporated into every single food product imaginable on the shelf today. From healthy to snack foods and the truth is that sucrose is 50% glucose and 50% fructose, It is a high source of energy as it enters into your bloods stream very quickly. However, it does have a direct impact on your blood sugar levels which activates all kinds of over doses of insulin and other workings just to bring your blood sugar level back to balance it will also be using Vitamins B2,B3, B5, B6, B11, B12, C, Fe to break it down so that it can be stored in your liver for a use! Wow that is quite a lot of precious minerals and vitamins that we truly need to keep our bodies up and running.

So instead of providing, us with these vitamins and minerals it actually takes those precious vitamines from our body to be able to make it store-able for an in case of a need situation. Just Imagine Q10 which is a natural co enzyme that we naturally produce in our body that actually consist of vitamins: B2, B3, B5, B6, B11, B12, BC, Fe so we are in reality instead of gaining energy just giving energy away for a temporarily boost mmm. Which we have not even been able to use to its fullest no it will be stored up in our liver for a later use. Weird thus instead of feeding we are robbing, no wonder that we are hungry again after 2 hours of having had a meal.

I often ask, what the purpose is if we take in a multivitamin tablets often times with sucrose the one substance that is supposed to be purely for the taste robs you of the rest?

There truly is a lot of information to find on the subject of any food substance really in the market if you are willing to dive deeper into your precious well being you will be able to openly and freely truly take control of your being in an open and clear manner instead of just following what is said to be the truth, but also dare to question and ask yourself is this really good for me? Is it really the truth or are there someone or something to be gained or broken down in the process and what kind of consequences will there be to carry? This does not mean that you have to live in suspicion or anything just be aware that things are not always what they seem. Right take healthy is it really healthy to take a multivitamin tablet and stuff it full with sucrose just so that it can taste nicer or the new healthy Vegan products filled with manipulated produced compounds to make something taste like what it is not, are these products truly healthy?
Let’s have a look at the current situation that we are facing the covid and the most common western discomforts that we are facing, this all due to holes in our protection layer our mucus membranes and malnourished intestinal flora system.
What is known is that inflammation and allergies are the most common of all chronic conditions. And that the number of people affected by this is growing dramatically worldwide. Our quality of life is negatively affected by inflammation, we can do a lot with food. Inflammation increasingly appears to be the basis of our Western diseases. The intestinal flora and intestinal mucous play a crucial role in this.
Food plays a massive roll in increasing or avoiding inflammation. In order to work preventive, it is good to be aware of the nutrition that stimulates inflammation and which reduces inflammation.

Inflammation is mainly caused by a wrong diet, allergens, poor digestion, disturbed intestinal flora, toxins, viral infections, stress, too little exercise, insufficient sleep and a lack of micro-nutrients. A shortage of the micro nutrients’ magnesium, potassium and calcium, causes our body to acidify. In an acidified body, besides a shortage of non-acidic minerals, there is a surplus of acid-forming stews such as phosphorus and sulfur. The body then extracts minerals from the reserves (bones, teeth, nails) to counteract acidification. Rheumatic diseases but also osteoporosis are examples of this acidification problem. From a nutritional point of view, an acidified body is created by refined carbohydrates, sugars, alcohol and an excess of mainly animal proteins, resulting in a shortage of deacidifying minerals and vitamins. We mainly obtain deacidifying minerals from fruit and vegetables.

Inflammation develops in an acidified body. Inflammation in turn causes toxins (toxins), stress and feelings of depression. With a lack of proteins due to eating too many carbohydrates, an enzyme failure can occur, resulting in a deterioration of digestion. This creates an imbalance in the intestines, causing rotting and acidification. Our intestinal flora and intestinal wall then have a hard time and the chance that we produce our own vitamins and regulating substances in the intestine is reduced. The carbohydrate form that is an exception to this is that of vegetables. Vegetables have a very positive effect on the intestines and on our general well-being. An example related to spring allergy, asthma and other lung conditions. The overproduction of histamine plays a major role in this. Histamine is broken down by the enzyme diamine oxidase. A shortage of this enzyme can be caused by sugar, alcohol or caffeine consumption, causing a shortage of vitamin B6 and minerals zinc and copper. Or due to an excess of sports, medication and / or poor bowel function. With the help of a diet in which all these
building materials are processed and the breakdown substances are absent, and by using quality suppletion. Without a healthy flora system once body will not be able to absorb all the needed minerals and vitamins thus will you be missing out on the value of the supplement that you are taking in.
So therefor it is more than worthwhile to go on the journey and explore the varieties available to you to improve on your whole. You will notice that it does not take up much of your time your view broadens and you become creative and the most amazing ways you are on an exploration internally as well as externally exploring new and exciting food groups foods, herbs and spices etc. will expand your symphony and creativity I mean if you do not know anything about what a product does to you just type in the products name and you will find all there is to know from what it does its strong and weaker points what it adds how to prepare and it will take you less than 5 minutes to figure out what a carrot does to your body what parts gets used and what parts get disregarded or whether you can gain or loose by eating a carrot.
Heck there are even various ways of preparing a carrot and each variety either brings out the best or the worst out in a carrot. Why not explore and see the benefits not only see it feel it explore it the amount of positive energy that runs through your vanes and your intestines will be singing your immune system will be running optimal. Your brain having the exact amount of feeding needed to think clearly and focus on the essential tasks like being in the moment yes, yes, yes! You start seeing things clearly, you breath easier, your metabolism is working perfectly and you smell absolutely divine, even without any deodorant 😊 you feel on top of the world. What healthy foods can do for one’s whole is absolutely amazing. In most cases when one consumes approx. 800 grams of vegetables per day, one automatically start to lose weight, your immune system starts functioning better your mucus membranes have healed and you feel lighter. Most chronic symptoms seem to diminish and in very many cases they completely cease to exist.
Just imagine what a power we have by being somewhat more conscience about what we eat and what our bodies truly need instead of being blindsided by ignorance and end up the victim because always blaming the system when you are your own system. The choice is essentially always yours and at the end of the day being the victim or de creator of your life all comes back to the same essence you and your choice and actions determine your results right.
Like Hippocrates said:

“Let food be thy medicine”

Just remember the journey to a healthier you, is not only by mental work or physical work but the combination of them both by caring for your body and reinforcing healthy habits that leads to healthier life choices resulting in a more fulfilled you
Body Mind and Soul
Body healthy mind open soul free

Here are some benefits that one can actually enjoy from having the right nutrition on a regular basis:

Promotes your overall health
Supports the immune system
You feel fitter, younger and more vital
Also mentally you will feel your vision stronger and experience less stress and even depression
Improve sleep patterns
Effective to alleviate illnesses and conditions (always consult your doctor)
Flu and cold will be short and less intense
Use natural body substances
Supplements are not harmful
You feel younger and more resilient
Maintaining a healthy body weight is a breeze
Keep your blood level in balance

Why go the Orthomolecular nutrition journey
Lets first understand “Ortho” taken from Wikipedia
Ortho is a Greek prefix meaning “straight”, “upright”, “right” or “correct”.
Molecular the meaning also taken from Wikipedia
“A molecule is an electrically neutral group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds.
Molecules are distinguished from ions by their lack of electrical charge.”
So if you take these 2 words together it means right for the molecule therefor you will be able to truly treat your being by eating what is wholesome just by adding more awareness to your day to day routine, taking control of your body’s well being you will be able to reach your fullest potential.
There are truly very many ways to reach your destiny quite honestly it is all about the journey and what you have done along the way whether you will enjoy the destiny. Making sure that you have taken care of all of you to ensure the perfect equilibrium which will help keep your blood sugar levels at balance point will help keep you balanced and healthy for a guaranteed longer period then having constant stress flux of emotions and energy suckers Wanting help in finding the best route for you of would you like to explore just send a mail and together will we be able to determine the right route for you to obtain your freedom! After all you are really worthwhile in your life, right?



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